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Thank You Letters: 


Dear Sonya,

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Symitar) would like to thank you for your company’s participation in our Health Fair, held on February 24, 2010 at our San Diego location.  Our goal was to raise employee awareness about healthy lifestyles as well as to provide information regarding various health related programs, services and providers in our local community.  Your company’s donation to the health fair greatly contributed to this goal. 

The feedback from our employees about the health fair and the various vendors was very positive.  Attached are a few photos of the event for you and your team.  Your door prize of the water bottle, ceramic carafe and wooden stand was a strong incentive for our employees to participate in the health fair.  Again, thank you for helping us make our Health Fair such a wonderful event and we look forward to working with your team again.

Warm regards,

Pete Major

Advisory Business Consultant

Symitar, a JHA Company


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